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The Service Side of Sales Enablement

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Sales Enablement tools, with or without a CRM, are often thought of as a one-stop solution for sales teams struggling to improve their numbers, but in some cases it’s not that simple. What they don’t mention as often are the Sales Enablement Platform that is running around in the background making sure all of those tools are being used to their full potential. Most people can do some great stuff on their own if you hand them the proper tools, but a professional will always have better insight on how to get the best possible results using the same equipment. That’s why teams need coaches and why TigerLRM offers a sales enablement full-service option that is designed to make an already robust, and free, platform even more powerful.

What is Sales Enablement?

Sales reps are on a mission to close deal, and many of them are frustrated with management teams that have outdated Sales Playbooks and have been slow to adopt game-changing new tools to help them sell more effectively. That’s how sales enablement was born. In a general sense, sales enablement is the iterative process of providing your business’s sales team with the resources they need to close more deals. To be more specific, resources can consist of training and coaching, sales materials, a sales playbook, content to counter sales objections, lead management, data enrichment, tool usage monitoring, and sales process optimization, just to name a few. The main reasons sales organizations implement a sales enablement strategy is because they want to close deals at a higher rate and with more consistency without hiring more sales reps. The tell-tale signs that an organization is ripe for a sales enablement intervention are high employee turnover, low tool usage or adoption, and an increasing number of leads that don’t close. Additionally, when choosing a CRM, an organization should understand its sales enablement needs.

What are Sales Enablement Services?

Sales enablement services are meant to maximize the impact of sales enablement tools, and usually help expedite the results as well. They add the power of real people working directly with your sales team to facilitate everything from defining your sales process to lead management and beyond. In contrast to simply having the tools, our services will assign a team of sales enablement specialists to help you define your sales process, add structure to your training program, build your Sales playbook, and help you increase adoption.

Our sales enablement team is made up of highly skilled and experienced sales specialists with strong backgrounds in sales process implementation and data interpretation. They will serve as extra hands and eyes for management and as virtual assistants for sales reps. With the support of an entire team every member of your sales team will see more success. Managers will have more time to mentor and develop their sales team, and better tools to get it done as well. And sales reps will finally get some relief and much needed assistance so they can organize their approach and close more consistently.

How Do Sales Enablement Services Help?

It’s simple, our services are designed to eliminate the friction that holds sales teams back from closing leads. By assigning a dedicated sales enablement team that can help you define your sales process, structure your training, increase adoption, and improve compliance you’ll be giving your sales team the best chance at closing at a higher rate. See below for a detailed breakdown of the services TigerLRM offers.

Sales Process Evaluation – Most businesses don’t have a clear sales process. We will closely monitor how your business operates and help you define the most effective structure for your sales process. With extra sets of eyes observing how a process works we can uncover some of the hidden reasons for lost sales and unnecessary delays. Once we have a rock-solid sales process carved out our team can help you put it into place and manage it whenever necessary.

Data Integrity Diagnostic – Data enrichment is a highly sought-after service that can significantly improve your close-rate. In an age of multiple lead sources and growing online audiences, keeping your CRM updated can be a monumental task. Our team will remove outdated or incorrect information and monitor and maintain your database so it’s always accurate. This means fewer wrong numbers and unsuccessful attempts, and more high-fives and closed sales.

Lead Loss Identification – It’s easy to tell when your team isn’t closing leads, the challenging part is knowing what to do to stop the bleeding and turn things around. Our team of experts will help you identify the gaps in your sales journey where leads are slipping away or losing traction and they’ll help you close them. Plus, they can work with your management team to implement a system that will eliminate gaps before they have a chance to form.

Training & Adoption Analysis – It’s becoming increasingly difficult for sales managers to handle every task on their plate and train a revolving door of new-hires at the same time. Especially without proper tools or assistance. Helping sales managers develop a structured training process and monitoring their team’s tool usage can help them improve win-rates and reduce turnover, making it a lot easier (and faster) for them to get new-hires ready to sell.

Sales Culture Assessment – Providing a positive work culture will help you retain high-performance sales reps, which is a major keys for growing a winning sales team. It requires a consistent and focused effort to maintain a work culture that promotes a winning mentality and fosters career growth. We’ll provide you with guidance on how to create a sales culture that keeps your team motivated and attracts other talented sales reps to join your team.

Marketing Collateral Appraisal – In most cases, businesses do not have a system in place to track the performance of their sales materials. This means they don’t know if a particular piece of sales collateral, such as a flyer, infographic, blog or comparison chart, is bringing in sales or driving them away. Using in-depth tracking and analytics, our team will evaluate your sales materials and tell you what’s working and what needs improvement.

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