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New Features Pricing

Feature Price
Email Messaging
Email Setup Free
Outlook Plugin Integration Is someone else charging for this?
2-Way Email Sync On the house
Auto Follow-Up Email Sequencing Gratis
Add Media Center Items in Auto Follow-Ups Free
Mass Email Why would we charge for this?
Mass Email History Of course it's free
Email Template Shouldn’t this be always included?
Target List This is obvious
Match and Send Email with Contact and Leads Free
Email Functionality Yes, this is included
Email Tracking Si, gratis
Personal Inbox Of course it's free
Share Team Inbox Free
Email Server Connection: Gmail, Exchange Server, Office 365, Hotmail, Outlook, and Live Yes, its free
Email Campaigns Free
Customizable Email Templates Complementary
Mass Email Transfer Free
CRM Solutions
AI Driven CRM Yep, its free
Import Leads It goes without saying this is free
Imported Lead History Free
Custom Field Importing This is included
Record Access Permissions Yep, its free
Lead Assignment Free
Lead Tracking Of course it's free
Opportunity Assignment Free
Opportunity Tracking On the house
Multiple Pipeline Management Freebie
Contact Management
Contacts Activity View Naturally this is free
Custom Contact Lists It should always be included
Sales Enablement
Sales Content Management Free of charge
Playbook Management On the house
> Upload Yes, this is included
> Download Gratuit
> Share Yep, included
Learning Management System (LMS) Costless
Media Center Management Why would we charge for this?
Assesment Monitoring Free, as it should be
Task Management and Calendar
Activities, Calls and Events Tracking Evidently this is free
Personal Calendar Of course this is free
Shared Calendar Yes, this is free of charge
Lead Creation API We are not charging for this
Web Form Integration Yes!! Its included
Payment Settings
Credit/Debit Card Acceptance It goes without saying… It's free
Stripe Yep, its free
> Multiple Currencies Yep, also free
Payment History On the house
Master Pick list
Lead Pick List Free for you
Account Pick List We give this to you for free
Opportunity Pick List Free
Vertical Domain Pick List Mjm… It's also free
Mobile Apps
Mobile App for Android Free to download
Mobile App for iOS No charge to download
Help Desk Yes, it's free.
Onboarding Included
Training For free
Tutorial Videos Chargeless
So you wanna know what you do pay for?
Up to 10 users Still free
> Additional Users $10/User/Month $10/User/Month
Integrated Telephony (Twilio) $0.0011 / minute
> Call Recording Free with Telephony Services
SMS Messaging $0.00751 per text
Data Up to 15 GB $5 for each aditional 100 GB
Sales Enablement Services
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