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    Improve Closing Rates
  • Lead Follow-up Audit
  • Data Input Validation
  • Sales Funnel Monitoring
  • Daily Blitz Program
    Boost Sales Productivity
  • Lead Distribution
  • Sales Team Support
  • Lead Data Enrichment
  • Sales Cadence Templates
    Increase Sales Visibility
  • Report Generation
  • Compliance Tracking
  • Performance Analysis
  • Tool & Activity Monitoring
    Quickly Onboard Reps
  • Live Training
  • Training Video Creation
  • Assessment Authoring
  • Playbook Management

How Much Do We Charge?

We offer our sales enablement services in three distinct tiers and at an enterprise level. The services include all aspects listed above and include an initial conversation and goal-setting session. Each tier consists of the hours listed below and how much can be completed in that time.



For up to 10 Hours per month*



For up to 75 Hours per month*



For up to 25 Hours per month*



Unlimited Hours*

*Billed Monthly

Overcome Challenges Impacting Win Ratios

Problems We Solve

Has disorganization and limited bandwidth impacted your sales teams’ ability to close deals?

Undefined Sales Processes are hindering your team’s ability to adapt to ever changing markets and creating degrees of separation from your core sales strategy. Unstructured Training fails to provide your sales team with the tools and information necessary to quickly make them successful, causing High Turnover Rates.

Low CRM Adoption is causing “garbage in, garbage out,” impacting the data your organization and reps have to successfully run reports and bring prospects through the funnel. With Minimum Compliance to your tried and true selling tactics, sales and internal processes that you assume are happening are falling through the way side.

Enablement Services to Increase Closes Per Rep

TigerLRM’s next-gen platform is just the first step towards increasing close rates. Our premium Sales Enablement Services amplify our platform’s tools and becomes an integral part of your internal processes to enable your sales team.

Training New & Current Reps

Leveraging TigerLRM’s state-of-the-art Learning Management System, the Enablement Team facilitates new hire orientation and sales training, taking the burden off sales leadership and business owners. Our Enablement Specialists ensure your entire sales team both adheres to and passes your training modules to quickly get them up-to-speed, and closing deals in a fraction of the time.

Compliance to Playbook Policies

Our Enablement Specialists works with organizations to maximize the effectiveness of TigerLRM’s Sales Playbook. We help leaders embody and flesh out the habits and best practices of their top sales people to establish proven play-by-play processes. Once these processes have been established, our Enablement Team can then train your sales reps, and, if needed, ensure compliance to all playbook practices moving forward.

Lead Concierge Services

Maximize your sales team’s time by eliminating the need for reps to source the contact details of cold and warm prospects. Our Enablement Team will not only find this crucial information – which includes names, titles, email addresses, and phone numbers – but also populates it into TigerLRM. This can save several hours a week for your sales team, allowing them to focus on what they do best; closing deals.

Tool Usage Monitoring

A tool is only as good as the team that uses it. Our Enablement Experts ensure that your sales team is fully aware of all the features and benefits of TigerLRM, and that they are using them appropriately. We confirm your sales team is using critical functions to their fullest, including activity logging, communication modules, reporting, pipeline management tools, and more, that multiply their sales output.

No Lead Left Behind

Leads cost money, and we hate to see them go to waste. TigerLRM offers complete capture-to-close lead lifecycle management for your business including administration, assignment, and monitoring of leads. Our Enablement Team ensures that all leads and contacts secured from various channels, including phone calls, web forms, emails, and more, are accounted for and properly worked upon.

Sales Funnel Monitoring

Our Enablement Team will consistently study your sales funnel and create a highly detailed report analyzing your complete sales journey from lead capture to close, and every step in between. Our deep analysis will provide the insights and data you’ll need to identify liabilities and gaps that may be causing you to lose sales.

Double Your Closing Rates Using Our CRM Tools With Sales Enablement And AI!

Double Your Closing Rates Using Our CRM Tools With Sales Enablement And AI!

Using our CRM with Sales Enablement and AI will help your company close deals quickly and effectively. Sign up today and discover how your employees can become more engaged, how you can reduce your sales cycle, and how you can give superior customer service every time.