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CRM & Sales Enablement Glossary

Term Definition
Accounts The company which is the customer.
Activities Track all correspondence and actions towards the account/lead/contact. Any next steps, notes, action items, or updates can be included as well.
Add-ons Optimize the use of the LRM by activating paid features that allows you to communicate with customers directly within the LRM as well as house all of its data. These add-ons can be purchased at any point and is not required but highly recommended.
API Application Programming Interface, means a two-way communication between two software applications that are driven by requests. Allows software programs to receive, send and update information.
Artificial Intelligence (AI) Software and processes that use machine learning to make accurate predictions based on existing and new data patterns.
Auto Follow-Up Allows you to schedule an email to be sent out via the LRM as an automated follow up to a designated recipient at a designated time. This feature allows you to create and save a template for the follow up as well as schedule a specific date and time for the follow up to occur.
Buyer Persona A fictional representation of an ideal buyer of a service or good.
Calendar Allows you to view upcoming meeting via zoom in the LRM.
CET Customer Enablement Team
Churn The number of salespeople who leave or are terminated in any period.
Closing Ratio The percentage of lost sales vs. closed sales.
Closing Ratios Closing ratios are a measurement of how effective a salesperson is at converting leads into closed deals. Closing ratios should be moving up in terms of percentage.
Contacts The main person(s) to reach out to within an account (company), can also be other users within the same company.
Content Written or video material used to explain ideas and concepts to team members and clients.
Conversion Converting a lead into account - this is done usually when receiving traction from the lead and every one has their own metrics to consider the point of conversion for a lead. EX: for TigerLRM it is when a user signs up and verifies their account they now can be converted into an account.
CST Customer Success Team
Custom Fields Add a field that is not already in the LRM. Add a customizeable field that allows you to effectively keep track of your data.
Customer Relationship Management System (CRM) A system (usually software) that tracks, manages, and records customer data and interactions with staff.
Email Checker This section allows you to upload your CSV file with your leads and it will run it through the LRM to check for duplicates. This is highly recommended to do before importing a new CSV file so you don't import any duplicate leads.
Helpdesk Submit a ticket to CST for assistance.
Import Lead History Review what CSV files you have imported when importing leads and it will give you a detailed history of the leads imported as well.
Import Leads This module allows you to import external leads by uploading a CSV file.
Inbox Displays the inbound messages of the mailbox you synced to TigerLRM.
Key Performance Indicator (KPI) A measurable, specific, and achievable goal that can be used to assess the progress of any program.
Leads Contact person or company that is a prospective customer or user.
Learning Management System (LMS) An (automated) system for new and existing employee training.
LMS Learning Management System
LRM Lead Relationship Management
Machine Learning (ML) Computer software and process allow a computer to learn new ideas without being programmed.
Mass AFU (Auto Follow-Up) Similar to the AFU but on a larger scale. It allows you to send an auto follow-up to a multitude of leads or contacts that fit the criteria of who you are trying to reach.
Mass Convert Converting more than one lead to accounts.
Mass Email Allows you to send an email to a large group of contacts or leads by creating and selecting a designated list of your targeted audience, creating and selecting the templated email you will send out, confirm and send out.
Mass Transfer Transferring more than one lead or acount to another user - This can be done only by the admin or if a user has the enablement services permissions enabled.
Opportunities Specific deals being pursued within certain accounts.
Playbook Module for personalized guide/reference book that admins create for the users/team. It is a centralized space for your organization to retain information that may be important to all members.
Reports This module allows you the option to create a public, personal or ET report based on the criteria you want to set. Generate specific reports to gather and analyze the data in your LRM.
Sales Cycle The time it takes from receiving a lead until a sale is closed.
Sales Enablement Charter A plan for sales enablement similar in structure to a business plan.
Sales Playbook A central storage repository for team forward materials to help respond to sales cycles and client buying stages.
Signature Allows you to create a customized signature that can be attached for each email sent from the LRM.
SMB Small to medium-sized businesses (This is a more common term used in North America and for companies with fewer than 500 employees).
SME Small to medium-sized enterprises (This term is used more often outside the United States and for companies with fewer than 250 employees).
Task Reminders Upcoming tasks or meetings, keep track and schedule accordingly.
TET Tiger Enablement Team
User Management Add users and admin to the LRM, enter their contact information and select their permissions. Users will recieve an email with instructions to complete the setup.
Webhook Webhook is a one-way data sharing or one-way communication that is driven by events. Allows one software program to send data to another software program immediately when a specific event occurs. At times a webhook can be referred to as “Reverse APIs” because instead of receiving the information, it sends the data. This is a quicker and easier solution without having to use an entire API.