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Frequently Asked Questions

LRM stands for “Lead Relationship Management.” Unlike traditional CRMs that work to just house customer information, our new LRM is streamlined to help sales reps focus on closing more deals.

Absolutely! The TigerLRM platform is entirely free for up to 10 users, with each additional user it’s only $10 per month to enroll. Optional premium services and add-ons are also available at a cost-effective price. For example: we now offer SMS messaging starting at less than a penny per text. We also offer our Enablement Services that you can think of as your own IT department if you don’t have one.

You can have as many users as you’d like! Whether you are a small business just starting to grow, or a full-fledged enterprise, TigerLRM can scale with you to help close more deals.

You can assign admin status to as many members as you’d like. We recommend providing admin access to all of your Enablement Team members and Sales managers.

Users receive up to 15GB of data for free. Additional 100GB packages can be purchased for only $5 each.

Credit Cards are only required if you plan on having more than ten users or are looking to take advantage of any add-ons or services. While it is considered best practice to keep a card on file, you can always add either a credit card or debit card to your account at any time to secure access to our premium features any services that help close more deals.

Unlimited. Keep in mind that each text message incurs a cost, however it’s only less than a penny per text sent. You can create target lists of 500 and repeat it with different target lists to send more. Please note that all correspondence directed towards or within the EU must be in line with GDPR regulations. See TigerLRM’s full GDPR policy here.

Users can send unlimited emails on a daily basis. However, it is important to keep in mind that sending more than 2,000 emails per day from the same email account might be considered spam and may result in your domain being blacklisted or sent directly to spam. Please note that all correspondence directed towards or within the EU must be in line with GDPR regulations. See TigerLRM’s full GDPR policy here.

TigerLRM has numerous integrations, including email integration capabilities with leading providers, and phone service integration with Twilio. We also have an integration with Stripe payment services as well as both an open API integration and web form integration for capturing leads.

Account admins and owners have complete visibility on all activity from all users under the account. From mass email cadences and lead lists to follow-up tracking and reports, admins can see the entire pre-close sales cycle of users. TigerLRM’s easy-to-use settings also allow admins to control what data from individual team members’ accounts is available to the entire team via the reports section.

Yes, you can make and receive inbound and outbound calls using TigerLRM via the Twilio softphone integration add-on. First, you will need to purchase a phone number in the Add-Ons section under the Administrator Tab and verify the phone number you want to be displayed. After the number has been verified you can begin using the LRM to make calls and send out text messages to prospects.

Yes, besides recording any call in the platform you also get the option of storing it so you can replay it at any time. Please be advised that different states, regions and countries have different laws regarding levels of consent required before recording phone conversations. Be sure to consult with legal counsel to make sure you are complying with all applicable laws and regulations.

Yes, using the Set Up section in the Communication Center you can set up your TigerLRM account to sync your email inbox. While any email can be used and connect with TigerLRM, currently only Microsoft Outlook can fully sync with the platform. More plugins are scheduled to be released in the very near future.

Our dedicated Customer Success Team is here to help with any issues or questions you may have. During our 8am-5pm business hours, you can call, chat, or submit a ticket and an agent will help within moments. After hours you can defer to our knowledge articles or submit an overnight ticket and an agent will reach out to you first thing in the morning.

Yes, the LRM has many options that can help tailor it to adhere to your sales processes. You can create your own custom fields, design templates for emails and reports, create a customized online curriculum for new hire training in the LMS, and even put together a custom company playbook.

Absolutely, we offer our white glove onboarding services to all users for FREE! After your tour of the LRM, our Customer Success Team will work closely with you to set you up for success. This includes email setup, adding users, integrations, importing leads, creating pick lists, and activating add-ons like texting and calling.

Yes, not only will our Customer Success Team provide basic LRM training, but if you sign up for our Sales Enablement services, our enablement specialists will provide as many live trainings as needed and even work with you to create your playbook and online curriculum in the LMS.

The onboarding process is typically done in less than an hour. Once complete, you and your team can start using the LRM immediately to start closing deals.

Sales Enablement is a service that we provide that amplifies the platforms free tools and ensures your sales team is set up for success. Our Sales Enablement services include, training new and current sales reps, playbook creation and compliance monitoring, lead information sourcing, tool usage monitoring, lead distribution and lifecycle management, and sales funnel monitoring. Book a free consultation to find out how Sales Enablement can help with your specific business needs today.

Sales enablement is our primary feature that sets us apart and why you want to sign up for TigerLRM. It is an entire suite of tools that help you train your staff so that they are all using a consistent message. This is done in our system with a Playbook where you can out line all the company procedures and methods. And LMS or Learning Management System where you can have your own online training academy teaching staff exactly how things should be done at your company. It even provides quizzes and testing to make sure they are digesting the material and not just pressing through the content.

TigerLRM is built to work like a lot of the technology you commonly use. If you can set up an email on your phone you can set it up in our system. The rest of the features are what our onboarding period is for. To get you through that process. If you have more complex issues, we even have our Enablement specialists who are experts and are available at your request.