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Sales Enablement Manager For Your Small Business

How to Add a Sales Enablement Manager to Your Organization

Almost every large business uses Sales Enablement to increase their closings, obtain higher client retention and satisfaction levels, and increase their bottom line. Small and medium-sized companies are increasingly adding Sales Enablement methodologies to achieve parity with larger competitors. When choosing a CRM, make sure you can use Sales Enablement in the system.

Recently, TigerLRM added a new feature in our CRM Platform that allows an organization to add a Sales Enablement Manager onto the platform. If you’re a TigerLRM user, your sales manager can assign a sales enablement professional to implement sales enablement for the entire organization. If you’re not a user of yet, sign up here.

How your organization can train a sales enablement team

Are you interested in starting a sales enablement manager role in your company? The process involves many steps, but it can quickly be done with an organization's right level of commitment and openness. But first…

Start with the basics. Before you begin, make sure that you have:

  1. Your playbook set up:

    TigerLRM offers a plug-and-play option for your playbook if you don’t already have one set up. A sales playbook is a central document/database that standardizes and streamlines sales methodologies. It ensures all your sales professionals can easily access the same collateral and marketing materials they need, as well as content to help them close sales. Here’s why you need a sales playbook.
  2. Your Digital Asset Management set up:

    A Digital Asset Management system (DAM) is a process of storing and organizing images, videos, and other documents to be used in sales and marketing. The DAM helps keep these critical assets current and available to your company’s teams.
  3. Neither of these must be perfect, and remember that both will evolve.

Move up to the big leagues. After you have your basics covered, you can move on to the next steps:

Bring Sales Enablement to your company

1 .Make the choice – Beginning the SE process is a commitment. Sales is generally a measurable, results-oriented activity. However, Sales Enablement can take several cycles before the results are demonstrated. Ensure management across all departments are on board, ready to be involved, open to the process, and patient.

2. Choose your team – Find the right individual or group to perform that role competently. Naturally, they should have sales experience, but you’ll also want people with a marketing background and project management experience. Overall, they must be good communicators. You can also use an outside consultant, or if you’re using TigerLRM, we can provide an experienced sales enablement professional on demand, or you can assign a user.

3. Define your goals – Examine your current sales goals, sign-up rates, client retention levels, and related objectives. Ask your department leaders their expectations for the next quarter and year or the current measurement of success.

4. Examine your technology – Take a look at your current use of technology, especially your CRM. Make sure that your CRM can integrate with Sales Enablement. Also, ensure management, sales teams, and customer-facing employees consistently use your CRM. The data from your CRM is vital to the process.

5. Document and process client journeys – Take the time to examine the research, buying, and implementation stages your buyers are experiencing and develop content that will reach them and your sales and customer service teams to match those stages. At this stage, you can build buyer personas. Note that your Sales Enablement Manager will be heavily involved in this process, and data is required from multiple departments and your CRM.

While it may seem to be a long and complex process, when properly implemented, Sales Enablement can enrich your sales processes, close more deals, help increase client retention, counter sales objections, and grow your bottom line.

What is sales enablement for small business

SE methodology coordinates sales teams, customer-facing employees, and clients’ needs during their sales journey. Sales enablement Resources include client-facing and team-facing content, tools, information, and other items to sell to clients effectively. Sales Enablement helps you sell more and understand the buyer’s journey.

Why sales enablement is important

SE matters because it aligns the different teams in your business and their resources to form one cohesive unit. Sales, marketing, and other customer-facing personnel must be trained and coached on understanding customer buying cycles. This strategy helps increase closes and bring in more revenue.

What are sales enablement processes used for

SE processes, including tools and software, use technology to control your client-facing and sales content. Those same tools include options to set up your playbook, a central source for content, policies, forms, and much more. Other sales enablement tools include automatic follow-up systems like email or SMS text messaging.

Sales enablement strategy

An SE strategy is a holistic sales and customer service approach combining different teams' resources. The process provides unique and specific content to your teams so they can match the needs of your leads and clients as they move up the sales funnel and increase win rate and potential deal size. SE will convert more leads into customers.

What is a sales enablement manager

A SE manager is the go-between for sales, marketing, product development, and senior management. They create content that matches the buyer’s and salesperson’s buying processes and stages. Additionally, they update and organize existing and new sales content. With a Sales Enablement professional, you can empower your sales and client-facing employees with the tools, resources, and content needed to raise closing rates and become more effective and efficient. Your business will have increased revenue during each sales cycle and more empowered teams.

Don’t have a sales enablement professional?

If you don’t have a SE professional, consider using TigerLRM’s sales enablement services. There is no need to hire a new person, onboard them, and spend a lot of time getting them up to speed. Our Sales Enablement professionals are ready to go as soon as you need them. They are available part-time or full-time as your needs grow. Reach out to us for more information. 954 231-7776.

Interested in becoming a sales enablement professional?

Learn how to become a Sales Enablement Professional

A Sales Enablement professional coaches and trains your sales and customer-facing team members to follow customer sales journeys and respond with appropriate content depending on the buyer’s stage. With ongoing coaching and training, sales enablement helps train your salespeople to sell at higher rates.

How you can start a sales enablement career

Naturally, you should have some experience in sales and marketing. But you don’t need a specific degree, nor is there one. It’s recommended that you read books and study for certifications. Project management experience helps, in addition to communication skills. You’ll also need to understand sales enablement best practices. Learn about sales strategies, techniques, and technology. You should network extensively and join relevant professional organizations.

Become a sales enablement professional in your company

If you have the needed skills and feel you’re up to the task, talk to your current company's sales manager or another manager. You can suggest that the company begin sales enablement and how you would be able to perform in that role. If your company is part of TigerLRM, ask your sales manager to give you access to our platform's sales enablement team section.

Sales enablement professional salary

The salaries of sales enablement managers with a few or more years of experience have a median average of $132,000, according to Entry-level salaries are lower, but it is a high-paying career.

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How to assign a user to become a sales enablement professional in your TigerLRM Dashboard.

To assign a sales enablement user, simply go to Administrator > User Management > Edit User.

Once you are on the user's information, you can select if you want them to be "Non-Admin," "Admin," or part of the "Enablement Team." Save this information, and your desired user will have the right access.

You can access your Dashboard here.