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Step-by-Step Guide for
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Sales Enablement with TigerLRM: Step-by-Step Guide for New Users

Welcome to the next-generation of sales enablement! If you are reading this it most likely means you’ve chosen a powerful, end-to-end CRM and Sales Enablement Platform to help propel your sales team to new heights. We understand that there are many choices and choosing a CRM is not always a clear decision, we are confident that you’ll be glad you chose TigerLRM. If you are still trying to decide, stay tuned for some useful information that can help you decide.

While you may have heard about TigerLRM’s built-in and fully automated sales follow-up feature, Sales Playbook or robust learning management platform that increases adoption and streamlines the training process, many fail to remember that it also comes with an end-to-end CRM as well! That means that your sales team doesn’t have to juggle multiple devices to access data, training, or to communicate with leads, or other team members. It solves the disconnection that leads to missed opportunities and wasted resources.

We want to help you hit the ground running so we’ve made the process of setting up your account very simple. This article will cover the recommended steps we encourage you to take to make sure your account is fully optimized for success. Two thing are certain, you are providing your team with a unique tool that will help them close more sales and become better sales professionals, and you are also providing yourself with tools that will help increase compliance and adoption of your sales processes. Neither of the two have been easy to solve in the past for most companies, but TigerLRM solves them both with ease. See below for step-by-step instructions on how to get started.

Account Setup in 5 Steps

We are committed to helping your team get the most out of TigerLRM. The following five steps were designed to leverage all of the tools that our platform offers while offering the maximum amount of support for you and your team.

Join us for a Tour

As stated earlier, we want to invite you for a personalized 360° tour of TigerLRM and all of its features. This is the first step toward improving the way your sales team communicates, executes your sales processes, manages opportunities, and shares knowledge. To schedule your personalized tour, click here and select the day and time that is most convenient for you.

Don’t wait any longer, take advantage of TigerLRM and start seeing results today! Hunt and close like a tiger, happy hunting!

How to assign a user to become a sales enablement professional in your TigerLRM Dashboard.

To assign a sales enablement user, simply go to Administrator > User Management > Edit User.

Once you are on the user's information, you can select if you want them to be "Non-Admin," "Admin," or part of the "Enablement Team." Save this information, and your desired user will have the right access.

You can access your Dashboard here.