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Find Data Fast & Easy In TigerLRM Search Records

Search Records

Now you can search right from the top navigation on the TigerLRM website.

TigerLRM offers an easy way to search and filter through all of your records by using the search bar located at the top navigation of the TigerLRM website. Use this bar to search all of your leads, contacts, accounts, and opportunities with just one click.

All information requested will be displayed on the same page so you can have a mapped view of all your results separated by name, type, phone, and other relevant information per outcome.

Use these tips and tricks to search across your platform:

If you are looking to search for exact matches, type all the words you are looking for in a specific order and just use quotations (“_”); if you do this, you will get an exact match on your search.

You can search for different results across the platform by using spaces between words, for example, Mike Test. You can also double-quote the word or phrase separately, for example: “Mike” “Test.” .

If you want to exclude a specific word, use the minus sign (“- “) for example: Mike - Test.

Searching for records with TigerLRM is fast and easy! Find what you need within seconds by using these Tiger Tips and Tricks while using the search bar.

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How to assign a user to become a sales enablement professional in your TigerLRM Dashboard.

To assign a sales enablement user, simply go to Administrator > User Management > Edit User.

Once you are on the user's information, you can select if you want them to be "Non-Admin," "Admin," or part of the "Enablement Team." Save this information, and your desired user will have the right access.

You can access your Dashboard here.