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Choose TigerLRM for a CRM with Sales Enablement Built-In

In this economy you can’t afford to waste time or money. Every move has to be strategic and effective. At TigerLRM we believe that every company should be using Sales Enablement to make their sales team more effective. But not in the traditional role.

Sales Enablement is usually a narrow set of tasks that are primarily focused on training and onboarding of new sales staff. They are then handed off to the Sales Manager who then works with the team monitoring their success. But frequently that is a black & white metric of you’re hitting your sales quota or not.

At TigerLRM we built our system with both the CRM and Sales Enablement together because we believe they should work together. A Sales Enablement professional should be more than just a trainer. They should be an ongoing part of the sales team providing input but more importantly insight.

What does that mean? Traditionally if a salesperson does not hit their targets a sales manager will call them in the office to find out why. But the way we see the expanded role of the sales enablement professional is they identify the key metrics as to why the person did not meet their quota. Then the meeting is not about why, but how it can be addressed in the most effective manner. Making your entire team more effective.

But as we cited. We are all doing more with less. So how do we expect your company to add in these layers and all of this additional work? Much of it can be accomplished with the AI our system provides. If you have a tech savvy staff member they can automate reports that help you get the big picture and the minutia of details to know exactly how your sales staff is performing. But here is where we are different.

If you don’t have the staff to do that or the resources to bring on a new hire that is what our Sales Enablement Services are all about. For an extremely affordable rate you can add on one of our team members in a temporary role to fill the gap. Need someone to help set up your Playbook. We can do that. Need someone to help with your media center? We can do that. Need help setting up reports that provide that data we were talking about? We can do that too! Here are the kinds of services we provide.

Data Management – We can help you monitor your data or set up reports and go over them to find out where your team is not meeting your expectations. Then your team can address any short comings.

Training – Don’t have time or resources to be doing sales training? We offer that as well. We can do live Zoom training with your staff to get them to meet your metrics. Or, we can set up your LMS that can insure they are understanding your requirements because of quizzes and testing. We believe in the philosophy of no lead left behind. Every lead costs you money. It should be treated like that and worked thoroughly. In the prescribed manner you set. We can make sure that happens.

Lead Import and Distribution – Don’t have time to import leads and distribute them among your team members? You want turnkey system where you don’t even have to have your hands on it to run? We’ve got you covered. We can take care of all that for you. All you need to do is your business management. We deal with the details of the technology.

Reporting – This is where we shine. We built the entire system so there is no one more qualified to manage the data in it. We make sure that your staff are doing all the prescribed things with every lead and will have the data to back it up. Of course we all want to know about closed deals. But what about scheduled appointments and completed appointments? Or number and length of calls? Number of emails and touches? The list is too long to but you get the idea.

How to assign a user to become a sales enablement professional in your TigerLRM Dashboard.

To assign a sales enablement user, simply go to Administrator > User Management > Edit User.

Once you are on the user's information, you can select if you want them to be "Non-Admin," "Admin," or part of the "Enablement Team." Save this information, and your desired user will have the right access.

You can access your Dashboard here.