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Refer a Friend and you get 1200 SMS messages and they Get 1200 SMS messages.

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As we start the new year, we are starting it off right. To help each other grow this year we have launched a referral program that gets you 1200 SMS messages added to your account and your friends also gets 1200 SMS messages added to their account.

Of course, you must have a phone line and the SMS add-on enabled to take advantage of this. Also, the friend you refer is also going to have to activate a phone line and set up SMS messaging but, if you both do that you both get 1200 SMS messaged FREE!

Messaging is the way to reach out in the 21st century. Sure, email still has a presence, but it is waning.

Messaging is the future and present way of communication. That’s why these 1200 messages are so important. If you have 300 leads that need to be worked and you have a phone number in our system for them, you can’t miss with this free trial to get this started for you to see how effective messaging is.

How Do I Take Advantage Of The Offer?

First, you need to have a phone number in your Tiger Account. Your Admin will need to set this up. Log in and in the menu on the left go to:

Administrator>Add-Ons This is found in the third row under Integrations.

Referral Program Image step 1 and 2

Once there you need to choose:

Twillio (Phone Calling). You need this because you need a phone number in the system for this to work. It is very inexpensive at $1.00.

Then you need to activate the “Twillio (SMS)”. To be forthcoming, you’ll need to put a refundable $50 deposit in your account with them. That has nothing to do with us. That is how you set up the messaging system. But once that is done you then have your account, and we can add in the 1200 SMS FREE messages.

Referral Program Image step 2 and 3

Then to use the SMS messages

That’s it! We suggest you use these free messages to get into the habit of using SMS. You will reach your prospects in a much more effective way. It is then up to you to provide a compelling, actionable message to get them to interact and become a client.

To learn how to send SMS message visit our Tips & Tricks SMS Messaging post.

How to Send the Referral

Once you have your account all set up with SMS messaging you can then invite your friends to get TigerLRM and participate in the give-a-way.

On the left menu at the very bottom is the referral link. You click that and it takes you to our referral page. All you really need to do is put your friends information in the top fields, review the email our system will send them and if you’re satisfied, hit send. It’s that easy.

How to Send the Referral to get 1200 SMS

Of course, if you have any questions you can reach out to your CST member to help you.

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