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Nationwide business experiences 50% increase in efficiency.

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A CASE STUDY: Metropolitan Ink & Toner

Metropolitan Ink & Toner experiences a 50% increase in efficiency with CRM and Sales Enablement automation.

Metropolitan Ink & Toner, a medium-sized office supply company, sought to modernize their order-taking and lead processes to remain competitive.

A CASE STUDY: Metropolitan Ink & Toner

Metropolitan Ink & Toner

  • Industry :

    Ink & Toner, office supplies.

  • Challenge :

    Antiquated paper ordering systems caused inefficiencies and loss of competitiveness.

  • Project Solutions :

    Order system modernized into a CRM with a Learning Management System and playbook.

  • Background :

    A husband and wife team started a small business that eventually became a strong player in their industry. But as they grew, they were slowly losing ground and losing competitiveness.

  • Problem :

    Antiquated order-taking meant lost profits and low efficiency.

Metropolitan Ink and Toner used paper leads, orders, and notes to track customer orders and interactions. While that process worked for the first few years of the business and provided ample growth, the system became inefficient and time-consuming as the company grew.

Sales Enablement Services

It took a lot of work to track all the paper orders. Sales reps had to write down their orders on paper, scan the order sheet, send it to an online database, and wait for administrators to copy the same information to complete the order. Metropolitan wasn’t alone in using paper purchasing orders.

27% of companies still use paper purchasing, according to a 2022 Association of Purchasing Professionals survey.

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Solution: Eliminating paper invoicing with TigerLRM meant quicker turnaround and shared client data.

Metropolitan Ink and Toner needed to modernize, and after learning that TigerLRM provides a scalable sales enablement start-up team, it decided that TigerLRM’s CRM with Sales Enablement was the best solution.

It isn’t easy to find sales enablement professionals, and using TigerLRM meant that Metropolitan did not have to go through a long search to find an experienced candidate. Using the sales enablement professionals from TigerLRM was a game-changer, allowing them to build out their playbook and training videos immediately and help streamline their processes. Metropolitan was able to convert from paper purchase orders to a CRM and become a cohesive company that effectively manages a large nationwide distributed sales team.

TigerLRM helped them to track customer interactions in a central location. It also made it easy to search for and find orders and share them with other employees. This streamlined the order process, which then became far more efficient.

63% of companies have left paper ordering and switched to a CRM in 2022, according to Salesforce.

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Since switching to TigerLRM, Metropolitan Ink and Toner has seen several benefits, including:

  • 50% Increased efficiency rates

    TigerLRM helped Metropolitan Ink and Toner eliminate the process of writing down paper notes by using lead importing inside the CRM. This resulted in a 50% increase in efficiency over the previous manual process. Administrators and sales team members can see new orders immediately and do not have to download and transcribe orders.

  • Improved customer service

    Sales reps and customer service teams could quickly use the playbook, a feature in TigerLRM that allows teams to store content and other data to find suitable cartridges and ink and give accurate pricing and terms. Order turnaround time became much quicker.

  • 30% Increased sales and leads

    Instead of paper leads, Metropolitan now uses lead importing. This has helped qualify and nurture leads and increased the number of qualified leads by 30%. Reps now have instant access to new leads, and administrators can follow the sales process.

  • Seamless sales

    With agents around the nation, there was no central calling center, and many agents were using their personal cell phones to call clients. But after using TigerLRM, all the agents could call using the provided softphone technology to make and receive calls directly from their laptops. Now, Metropolitan can track the number of completed calls, the number of attempts to contact, and even record calls to use for customer service and sales training. With data-driven metrics, management was able to help underperforming sales reps achieve parity.

  • 50% less time for onboarding & training

    Before TigerLRM, the owners used video conferencing to train new hires multiple times weekly for about two hours each session. This typically took six hours or more per candidate. Using TigerLRM’s Learning Management System (LMS), Metropolitan could onboard new hires with video courses and other tools. Because administrators no longer had to onboard each new hire individually, they could save nearly three hours per new hire, resulting in 50% time savings. This cleared the schedules for administrators, and they could work far more efficiently.


In general, CRMs are more efficient than paper orders. With a CRM, your company can:

  • Track orders, sales, and inventory more accurately across all departments.

  • Automate tasks, including data entry, confirmations, and tracking.

  • Improve customer service by helping businesses keep track of client interactions.

  • Have a centralized location for all approved collateral for easy access.

  • Offer an online learning management system for new hires and existing team members.

  • Have your SE professional monitor team members and find ways to improve success.


Switching to a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system like TigerLRM has become critical for small to medium-sized businesses. CRM systems help companies understand, manage, record, and analyze data from client interactions. This helps improve client satisfaction and increases sales closings.

Overall, Metropolitan Ink and Toner is pleased with their decision to switch to a TigerLRM. The system has helped them to improve their efficiency, customer service, and sales.

They loved the customer service they received. While competitors are often challenging to reach, with TigerLRM, Metropolitan could talk to the customer service team and get assistance during business hours with US-based support.

Switching to a TigerLRM can be an excellent way for businesses to improve their sales and customer relationships. TigerLRMs can help businesses to track sales, manage inventory, and automate tasks. If you want to improve your sales and customer relationships, consider switching to a TigerLRM.

A 14% growth rate in global CRM use is expected and will increase the market to nearly 115 Billion USD in 2027, according to Grand View Research.

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In closing

Remember the husband and wife team? Soon after the business switched to TigerLRM, its valuation and profit margins increased rapidly. They were able to retire and enjoy the fruits of their labor. The company continues to grow.

Leonard Goffe

Leonard Goffe is our resident sales enablement nerd. You can find him writing or behind his camera when he’s not reading about Sales Enablement, AI, and technology.

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To assign a sales enablement user, simply go to Administrator > User Management > Edit User.

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