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Chetu Inc., a global provider of software development solutions and support services, was seeking a tool that could manage their leads, provide sales enablement, and offer a learning management platform, all from a centralized system that their sales team could easily access.

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  • Industry :
    Software Development
  • Challenge :
    Over-complicated CRM Sales Process Adoption Inconsistent Sales Training
  • Project Solutions :
    Integrated SMS Messaging Integrated Calling Automated Follow-up Built-in LMS Sales Playbook

CRM and Sales Enablement Platform with Automated Follow-up Feature

Chetu is a highly recognized software development and support services provider that caters to a wide variety of industries and clients from around the world. Their search for a CRM that would facilitate the adoption of their sales process and streamline communication channels within their organization had resulted in an overcomplicated CRM with features that the sales team did not utilize. They had a difficult time keeping up to date with required daily touch cadence on active leads and existing accounts. They didn’t have an easy way of targeting leads with drip campaigns or sending SMS, emails, and calls. They also felt that the lack of a centralized training and communication center was contributing to the missed opportunities. Their primary goal was to improve their team’s effectiveness at closing sales and to keep current and new sales members compliant to their sales process.

To solve their problems, we provided Chetu with our user-friendly CRM that could perform advanced sale enablement automations and allow for digital materials, such as training or marketing content, to be managed, updated, and shared seamlessly within an organization. Chetu’s main request was for the features and tools to function properly while still being easy enough for sales reps to use.

TigerLRM assigned a success team to work closely with Chetu to ensure that the system they implemented would help them achieve their primary goal of empowering their sales team to close more deals. One of the main features is an automated follow up assistant that gives sales reps the ability to send a pre-scheduled text (SMS), making a phone call directly from within the system, or accepting payments. Offering these options during the sales process allows sales reps to focus on hunting new leads while nurturing existing leads.

Michael Dunbar

“The Auto Follow-Up feature allows the sales team to continuously work on new leads knowing their existing leads are being touched on a regular basis.”

Michael Dunbar

Built-In Learning Management System with Sales Playbook Tool

Other features such as a robust communication center, a learning management platform, and a comprehensive sales playbook builder were also targeted to help with CRM and sales process adoption. These features offer the sales team a way to exchange valuable and time-sensitive information quickly, allowing them to stay updated, focused, and productive. Notifications such as changes in the sales process, inventory updates, or seasonal messages can be communicated to targeted departments or the entire organization with just a few clicks.

In addition, TigerLRM’s robust learning management system delivers a premium training experience that can be customized and updated with minimal effort. All of these features were centralized and optimized to assist each sales rep in achieving higher closing rates. With TigerLRM fully adopted, sales activity can be tracked, performance can be measured, and critical information can be accessed.

Tyler Boykins

“Our Sales Teams embrace TigerLRM as an assistant working for them resulting in additional commissions.”

Tyler Boykin

Expedited Onboarding and Advanced Support Services

Taking advantage of TigerLRM’s complimentary onboarding support services Chetu was able to expedite the process of migrating from their old system to TigerLRM. This meant that TigerLRM was able to migrate data, setup webooks, and create workflows with minimal downtime for Chetu’s sales team. The same processes would have been more complicated and would have taken a significantly longer time accomplish with their previous CRM. As a result of implementing cost-effective solutions, Chetu was able to improve the way they managed their lead process and deliver their sales process and training programs from the same system.

Chetu was able to fully adopt TigerLRM’s sales enablement and LRM functionalities and has enjoyed a smoother and more profitable sales process as a result. The ease of integrating and operating TigerLRM for a large Software company with thousands of employees worldwide is a testament to the intelligent design, scalability, and powerful sales enablement features that the TigerLRM platform offers businesses.

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