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Innovative CRM With Sales Enablement Built-In Now Offers On-Demand Sales Development Solutions To Enhance User Experience and Increase Closes.

Sunrise, Fla. (Tuesday, July 11th, 2023) – TigerLRM, the only CRM with Sales Enablement designed for small to medium-sized businesses, announces the launch of its on-demand sales enablement services to bring enterprise-level sales development to its users.

The on-demand sales enablement services will save businesses time and money by providing them with the same level of sales readiness and practices that Fortune 500 companies use daily, leveling the business playing field.

“Sales enablement is crucial to every organization’s success in today’s business environment, and we aim to provide our users the same level of sales enablement as Fortune 500 companies,” said Pravin Basnyet, Director of Operations for TigerLRM. “Our new, cost-effective pricing allows our users to leverage a team of sales enablement professionals without taking on the cost of onboarding new staff.”

TigerLRM sales enablement services help companies:

  • Improve closing rates - With lead follow-up auditing, data input validation, and sales funnel monitoring.

  • Boost sales productivity - Providing lead distribution services, sales team support, lead data enrichment, and sales cadence template creation.

  • Increase sales visibility - Report generation, compliance tracking, performance analysis, and tool and activity monitoring.

  • Quickly onboard reps - Live training, training video creation, knowledge assessment, and Sales playbook management.

TigerLRM on-demand sales enablement services are available now and have multiple tiers available for subscription – visit

About TigerLRM:

Founded in 2022 and headquartered in Sunrise, Fla, TigerLRM is an award-winning, next-generation CRM and sales enablement tool created by top closers to guarantee more closed deals. TigerLRM’s FREE, feature-rich platform helps multiply sales teams’ output and empower sales enablement professionals, producing immediate results unmatched by any other sales tool. Additionally, TigerLRM offers businesses premium Sales Enablement services that maximize sales teams’ efforts, bringing measurable improvements throughout the pre-close sales cycle. For more information, visit

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