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Meet Our Manager of Customer Success for TigerLRM,
Mayte Vera

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Mayte Vera

Q: What is TigerLRM?

A: TigerLRM is a free next generation Sales Enablement platform. It’s a CRM plus a lot more, all in one place. Its modules include any and all tools that a salesperson will need in one place and at their fingertips. Some of these modules include an AI driven full-featured CRM, Sales Playbook, Learning Management system and much more.

Q: What does the ‘LRM’ in TigerLRM stand for?

A: LRM stands for Lead Relationship Management. Think of it as the next generation or natural evolution of a CRM. It significantly improves lead acquisition through deal close. It is a must have tool for sales teams with hunters and closers.

We built it using newer technologies to make sure that it’s fast and easy to use. As a cloud-based SaaS application, it can be accessed using your browser from anywhere at any time. Plus, it was designed by salespeople to be intuitive and not clunky or overloaded with irrelevant fields that need to be filled. It compiles information from other departments into one central place, so a salesperson is fully aware and in compliance with the company’s latest processes.

Q: What does TigerLRM offer sales teams?

A: Some of the features include: AI driven multi-channel communication tools for emails, SMS, phone call including sequential follow-ups for effective prospecting; lead and contact management; lead conversion to accounts and opportunities; custom activity logging; outlook and Gmail integration; multi-step opportunity and funnel creation; opportunity pipeline management; task management and reminders; reporting and predictive analytics; sales playbook; learning management system; sales asset management system; payment acceptance module. Just to name a few!

Q: When Was TigerLRM launched?

A: TigerLRM was officially launched in May 2022, and within this short span of 3 months nearly 1000 businesses have signed up.

It all started about 4 years ago when our sister company was using Salesforce as its CRM and they quickly realized that it was a very limited tool. The sales team was spending a lot of time filling irrelevant forms and fields and spending a lot of time within the CRM rather than hunting and closing deals. Additionally, a lot of information that the salesperson needed was still being shared using document storage platforms like Google Cloud and others. As a result, sales reps were not fully aware of the company’s latest information including sales related processes and policies and assets created by its marketing team.

After adopting TigerLRM, our sister company doubled their win-rates while operating with only half of their sales team. The development team was provided constant feedback by the sales team to make it better, intuitive, and easy to use in each iteration. Until they finally had what we offer today for free, TigerLRM.


“It truly is a remarkable platform that multiplies the output of the salesperson. And it is FREE.”

Mayte Vera – Manager of Customer Success

Q: Is TigerLRM free

A: The simple answer is yes. All the tools and features of the platform are free! However, our target audience is small to medium sized businesses and many of them do not have an IT infrastructure. So they need some technical help. To address that we offer what we call “sales enablement services”. We offer our expert team to help you like your own personal IT department by purchasing a fixed set of hours from our sales enablement team. They will help you customize your platform for your specific needs or even help you identify cracks in your sales team workflow so your team leader can coach your staff on areas where they need to do better. We really do help you sell more effectively.

Q: Can you tell us more about the services TigerLRM offers?

Lead Concierge – We all know that, for a salesperson, a substantial amount of time can be spent searching for a cold prospect’s contact details. This includes, name, title, email address and phone number. The Enablement Team will not only find this information, but also populate it into TigerLRM. Isn’t that wonderful? This can save several hours a week for your sales team.

Lead Management – Capture to close lead lifecycle management for your business, including lead assignment. The Enablement Team ensures that all the leads that your business gets from various channels including phone calls, web forms, emails are all accounted for and worked upon.

New-Hire Sales Training – – Due to growth and attrition, businesses are always hiring new sales reps. This means that a lot of sales training is left to the wayside unless there’s a proper sales training program. Leveraging TigerLRM’s state-of-the-art Learning Management System, the Enablement Team can facilitate new hire sales orientation and training. This takes the burden off the sales leadership and business owners. Additionally, it helps make the newly hired sales reps more successful in less time. Which equals to more revenue for you and more commissions for them.

Sales Playbook Management and Process Compliances – To adopt to the ever-changing market, businesses are constantly evolving their sales processes and policies. Some are launching new products or launching new features within their products. Most have this information all over the place in documents loaded into a shared drive or emails and memos. Using the TigerLRM’s in-built Sales Playbook module, the Enablement Team keeps your Sales Playbook up to date. Additionally, it ensures compliance by constantly monitoring and helping your sales team be more aware when changes have been made.

Sales Playbook Best Practices – Wouldn’t it be nice if your sales team members could get insights and adopt the habits and best practices of your top salesperson without having to distract them from their work? Well, that is what the Sales Playbook is about. It allows you to encapsulate the habits and best practices of your top salesperson. And the Enablement Team ensures training and, if needed, compliance to such practices.

Sales Coaching – A tool is only as good as the team that uses it. For most sales platforms, adoption is a major problem, and it is usually due to a lack of consistent high-quality training. The Enablement team works to ensure that your sales team is fully aware of all the features and benefits of TigerLRM. The assistance provided is direct and on a one-on-one human basis, analyzing at a detail and incident level. It is not a theoretical lecture of sorts, but a deep dive into how TigerLRM is being used. Things like activity logging, using all the powerful communication features, reports, analytics, and pipeline management. Our Enablement Team will ensure that your sales team is using them to their fullest potential, hence multiplying their selling efforts.

That is only a portion of the services that our platform provides, but keep in mind that these are optional. A business may use all, some, or only a few of these services as part of their sales process, its completely up to them.

Q: TigerLRM guarantees that, if used properly, it will increase the number of closes per sales rep. How is that possible?

A: Yes, we do. When our system is fully adopted it guarantees results. TigerLRM does this by enhancing a salesperson’s ability to hunt and close deals. It enables them and helps them stay focused on making money for themselves and the organizations they work for. But, before we get into the how, let’s think about the why for a moment.


Let’s look at the job profile of a Hunt and Close salesperson. From a lead acquisition perspective, the salesperson gets a portion of their leads due to the efforts of the marketing team or hunting through cold calls and getting the leads on their own. Each lead is like walking through an unknown door that could lead to a gold mine or a black hole of wasted time. Both the business owner and the salesperson have a reasonable expectation that each lead will be worked upon until its conclusion. An issue that may arise is that the salesperson may not be able to stay on top of their calendar if the volume of leads they receive exceed what they’re able to manage. Furthermore, if you are working in a high-volume environment, it is easy to forget details such as the contact’s name or the stage of the sales process a lead may be in. Unfortunately, the mind gravitates towards the next best lead, while forgetting that persistent follow-ups are the key to closing 9 out of 10 sales. Instead, a salesperson might quickly discard a lead by pre-judging them and not doing the proper due diligence or follow-ups.

Another reason we can guarantee results is our focus on delivering multi-channel communication tools that will save time and allow for more selling. Businesses need to stop relying on emails as a method of communication. Your typical salesperson is communicating through multiple-channels and all that activity and information can be all over the place.

They must have a mechanism to stay on top of their pipeline, both for their own sanity and for the overall success of the team. The salesperson should have in-depth reports and analytics of their lead flow and opportunity funnel and pipeline. They should be able to know where their money will come from.


On the other end of the spectrum, the business itself may be evolving and changing their product offering and policies. Sales reps are expected to know and quickly embodying all the changes to the company’s processes and offerings. Otherwise, they may end up selling something that their backend may reject at the last stage of their sales cycle. It is not only a loss of time and effort it can devastate the salesperson’s morale and lead to uninspired selling. Conversely, the marketing team may generate new and better collateral (like competition analysis, PowerPoints, flyers, case studies, and more) that could be used to close more deals effectively and quickly.

TigerLRM removes all the obstacles that may get into a salesperson’s way. It creates an air-tight capture-to-close style of lead management to ensure that no leads fall of the radar. It then helps the salesperson through an AI driven communication module to create multi-touch pre-scheduled, pre-created follow-up campaign per prospect that auto-detects and shuts down as soon as a prospect engages. Think of it as personalized mass emails but with multi-channel follow-ups that span across days combined with messaging mechanisms like emails, SMS, and calls. It quite literally multiplies the hunting abilities of the each of your sales reps.


We’ve also incorporated an enhanced task management and reminders feature that makes the life easier for sales teams. When they work across multiple leads, the reminders pop-up to ensure multi-touch and constant lead follow-ups while prospecting. We also present various tools for pipeline and opportunity management so that the salesperson can truly find out if the lead is a gold mine or a black hole of wasted time. Then we added enhanced modules that provide most, if not all the information that the salesperson will need, in one central place and at their fingertips. Information from other departments like accounting, operations, administration, marketing, and their very own leadership team; all in one place. They do not have to individually compile or maintain in it or be on the lookout for flying emails. They do not have to create a marketing collateral folder on their computer. It is all available in one central place within TigerLRM. If you consider the Sales PlayBook, it is an excellent module that compiles the habits and best practices of your top salesperson. This means that the salesperson can see what another successful reps are doing. These could be adopted as policies or best practices making your entire team more successful quickly.

We all know that time is money, and TigerLRM will save you plenty of both.

Q: How is a Sales Enablement platform different from a CRM?

A: Similar to what I stated earlier, Sales Enablement is also part of the natural evolution to a CRM. CRMs fall short of truly being a defacto tool for today’s salesperson. If you reflect on the evolutionary history of a CRM, it all started with the business card rolodex. Eventually, companies like ACT! and GoldMine created a digital rolodex, often touted as the first CRM. That is, it was a mere forms and database system to store contact information. Thereafter, companies like Salesforce, Zoho and HubSpot added activity tracking modules to that. All along they also create reports and analytics around it. So, in essence, today’s CRM is merely a forms and database of contacts and activity logging that you can run reports on. Unfortunately, with the commercialization and marketing domination by 2-3 players, the evolution and innovation stopped. They are oversized and overdesigned to cover everyone and every stage of the sales process. They end up wasting a lot of time for the salesperson and are usually abandon or half-used. We’ve all heard the story, garbage in garbage out. As a result, a lot of these CRMs are not fully adopted. Since the data is not complete, the reports and analytics are misleading. So, they can actually hurt rather than help the salesperson.

Q: There are so many tools and services that claim to give sale teams an “edge”, what makes TigerLRM different?

A: It is unfortunate that the only or best tool available to a salesperson is merely a CRM. If we were to divide the sales cycle into 3 phases, with phase 1 being lead acquisition, phase 2 being working the leads and phase 3 being post-close customer service. Most CRMs are focused on Phase 1 and Phase 3. There are very few or none that are designed for Phase 2. So, if you look at tools like ConstantContact, Hootsuite, and others, they are primarily focused on Phase 1. They evolved from a marketing and advertising tool and fall short through the sales cycle. In a way, they are for glorified mass emailing or putting your name out there. While CRMs like ZenDesk, FreshDesk, and ServiceNow are focused on Phase 3 (post-close customer service). These tools are not good for hunting and closing. They are glorified ticketing platforms focused on customer service and barely around selling. While CRMs like ZoHo and Salesforce may seem to have a combination of Phase 1 and Phase 2, they are built on older technologies and not easy to use. They were designed with the “forms and database” mentality of filling up information, storing and then running reports against them.

Now to cover the Sales Enablement landscape. To be fair, this term is being loosely thrown around by various companies like Seismeic, Gong, MindTickle, Highspot etc. but if you notice, none of them have any of the features you’d expect to find in a full CRM. For example, Seismic is focused merely on sales asset management, while MindTickle is focused merely on sales training. They present themselves as bolt-ons or add-ons to the pre-existing CRMs. Which is an awful transition between the two. Even so, each of them are narrowly focused on merely one or two aspects of a Sales Enablement.


“From our research there is no other tool in the market that is so feature-rich, yet easy to use.”

Mayte Vera – Manager of Customer Success

TigerLRM was designed to be a complete solution, not just ad add-on. It has a full-featured AI driven CRM for Phases 1 and 2. It has inbuilt multi-channel communications using emails, SMS, phone calls. It has task and reminder tools. It has contact and lead management and lead conversion features. It has lead and opportunity pipeline management. It has enhanced analytics. Additionally, it has tools like Sales PlayBook, Learning Management System, Sales Asset Management. All of them fully in sync, integrated, and working in perfect harmony. Not through APIs or add-ons to other providers that create a bumpy user experience.