Coming Soon


    Users will be able to connect TigerLRM with WhatsApp. Actions below will be available soon:

  • Send and receive Messages
  • Automatic activity logging in TigerLRM

TigerLRM’s new Zoom collaboration will allow users not only to schedule and join online meetings, but also, to record those meetings, save those recordings and logging all zoom related activity automatically into TigerLRM.

    Ring Central (SMS)

    TigerLRM new integration with Ring Central messaging will allow users to complete the actions below:

  • Send and receive SMS
  • Automatic activity logging in TigerLRM
Ring Central (Phone Calling)

TigerLRM’s new Ring Central Phone Calling will allow users to make and receive calls to landlines, cell phones or inbuilt softphones. This upcoming messaging and communication tool allows screen pop for activity logging in TigerLRM.


    TigerLRM’s new integration will allow users to accept payments directly through TigerLRM using PayPal, so they can accomplish the following activities:

  • Accept Payments from your customers
  • Payment Status tracking
  • Merchant onboarding (if you are not on Stripe already)
  • Automatic activity logging in TigerLRM

TigerLRM’s new Quickbooks integration will facilitate users’ financial management with tools for their accounting needs, such as create and edit customers, craft estimates, produce sales orders, and invoicing.

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