New Features

Web Form API

TigerLRM’s web form API gives users the ability to create web forms on their own sites that can seamlessly connect with TigerLRM. These web forms, when filled out and submitted by customers, will automatically generate new leads and contacts in the respective TigerLRM account. This eliminates the need for sales reps to spend precious selling time entering data into the CRM, and ensures accurate data, directly from the customer, is saved. Web forms such as newsletter registration, online application forms, client’s online inquires, or any other online form can now be directly connected to TigerLRM, allowing multiple streams of data to be collected and appropriately actioned.

Please note that integration is required to leverage the Web Form API, so be sure to utilize a software developer or IT team member to properly implement. All credentials and tokens can be found at the Administrator Tab under “Integrations” > “Web Form API” > “Create Leads.” Once the Web Form API is connected all web form leads will be added and mapped automatically into TigerLRM.

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Web Form API

TigerLRM Mobile App

TigerLRM went mobile! Meeting clients, networking events, and constantly being on the go makes it challenging to focus on your sales. For this reason, our TigerLRM Mobile App is a must!

Now you can download the app and start hunting and closing deals from your phone or any mobile device. The TigerLRM mobile app is available for both iOS and Android users and can be downloaded in both the Google Play and App Store. All the free tools and premium add-ons of the TigerLRM platform are available on the App.

You can be organized outside of the office and easily add contacts, check your activities, or get your client’s information from the palm of your hand. All information synchronizes between the desktop and mobile versions. Find it by entering "TigerLRM" in search field come launch day.

Mobile App Screens - TigerLRM

TigerLRM Softphone Functionality

TigerLRM’s new softphone functionality now allows users to receive and make inbound and outbound phone calls directly in the LRM via our Twilio integration. For inbound calls, all a user needs to do is be logged into their TigerLRM account, and any call from a lead or contact associated with the user’s account will be able to be answered directly in the TigerLRM app.

For outbound calls, users will not only be able to call leads and prospects directly from the platform, but also have more options on which outbound phone number they want to be displayed and seen by the call’s recipient. To make an outbound call the user just has to click on the contact’s phone number and follow the indicated steps.

This addition to our integrated telephony feature connected through Twilio allows users to maintain their entire workflow in the TigerLRM platform, removing the need for external calling devices and increasing the users efficiency. Additionally, it allows for a more complete log of touches and outreach, ensuring that every call to clients, prospects and opportunities is documented and that communications are being maintained.

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Payment Acceptance Portal

With Payment Acceptance Portal, users can accept payments directly through TigerLRM using an integrated Stripe portal. This secure payment method allows TigerLRM users to send their customer a one-time unique and secure link. As soon as the customer makes the payment, the TigerLRM user will be alerted. All this activity will be automatically logged into TigerLRM, so users can see their entire payment history per customer.

Not setup as a merchant? No problem. Payment Acceptance Portal has a merchant onboarding module where you can apply to become a merchant on Stripe’s payment platform, and begin accepting credit card payments within minutes.

Payment Acceptance Portal

Outlook Plugin Feature

TigerLRM’s new Microsoft Outlook Plugin enhances the platform by allowing for a seamless connection between your Outlook inbox and the TigerLRM portal. You can now automatically synchronize your Outlook emails with TigerLRM. It’s easy and simple to use. All you need to do is install TigerLRM’s Outlook plug-in.

This auto-sync feature allows for every tagged email be automatically recorded in the platform, ensuring no conversation is lost. Using this Outlook plug-in, you can even create new leads and contacts into TigerLRM.

Please see the below tutorial video on how to set up and use the new plugin feature:

Twilio (SMS & Calling)

TigerLRM’s new Twilio integration includes SMS, Calling, and call recording. The SMS option allows the user to send and receive SMS, this activity automatically logs into TigerLRM. The Calling option gives the user the ability to make and receive calls to landlines, cell phones or inbuilt softphones; furthermore, the screen pops for activity logging in TigerLRM. This new feature can be added at the Administrator Tab under “Integrations” > “Add-Ons.”

Call Recording

The Call Recording feature gives the user the option to record any inbound or outbound call made through TigerLRM. This feature grants permission to record and store any call in the platform, so it can be saved on the user’s Activity section and replayed at any time.

Deletion Feature

Users are now able to delete leads, accounts, opportunities, and activities from the LRM. For quality assurance purposes, users must provide a reason for deletion before the action will take place. Once deleted, the record will not show up in the LRM; however, it will go to an administrator deletion folder where the information can be restored or permanently deleted.

Debit Card Acceptance

In addition to credit cards, TigerLRM’s is now accepting payments via debit card on the platform. To add your debit card just go to Payment Settings under the Payment Setup tab. This can be found under “Administrator” in the lower left corner. If you have already registered a credit card you can either remove it or replace it to add your debit card to TigerLRM.

Record Access Permissions

The Record Access Permissions feature allows account administrators to control the information that is visible to specific users. This includes whether or not their users can see all phases of each other’s sales pipelines, including leads, accounts, opportunities, and contacts, as well as overall communication on the LRM. They are also able to choose whether other users can export data from the LRM and create reports leveraging all the data (from all users) in the account as a whole.

Add Media Center Items in Auto Follow-ups

This new feature enables users to select items from their Media Center and plug them directly into their Auto Follow-up schedule. This feature is available while users are programming an Auto Follow-up and select the plug in option coming from the media center. This option allows them to choose any item or material, such as flyers or logos.

Custom Field Importing

TigerLRM’s new “Custom Field” tool allows users to import their leads and map their data to the custom fields they have already pre-created in their LRM platform. This tool allows users to have more control over their leads and manage their data in a more personalized way. This is an aggregated value to conveniently organize leads and data per individual. You can find this new feature under the Administrator tab.

Help Desk

TigerLRM will quickly address and resolve technical issues and concerns through our ZenDesk integration. In the Resource Center, simply access the “Get Help” option to contact our support team.

Tour the Platform

TigerLRM users are able to take personalized tours of the main features via our Userpilot integration. Follow step-by-step guides on how to use TigerLRM’s powerful sales enablement and CRM features.

Microsoft Azure

TigerLRM is now using Microsoft Azure for cloud hosting. This implementation provides wide ranging secure cloud services that include compute, analytics, storage and networking among others.

Email Servers

Users can choose from several channels to send emails inside the platform. Current services set up on TigerLRM include: Gmail, Exchange Server, Office 365, Hotmail, Outlook, and Live. All these options are available when composing an email under the Communication Center tab. For alternative service, connectivity might be made; however, additional, yet simple, configuration is required.

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