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Overcome Challenges Impacting Win Ratios

The Next-Gen Sales Enablement Tool
For Winning Sales Teams

Sales leaders designed TigerLRM's FREE sales enablement platform and CRM to provide small to medium size businesses and sales teams with an easy-to-use tool for working leads from capture to close.

We can help you manage your business!

Software WITH a Service. We may be a SaaS business but we go further. We can help fill the staffing gaps in your business to help you be more effective with every lead. “No Lead Left Behind” is more than just a motto with us. It’s how we do business. So if you need help being more effective closing leads, talk to us and find out how we can help you. Or, for a quick guide, click the button below.

TigerLRM is free for 10 users. Try it out. What do you have to lose? But you might just gain a whole lot.

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Customer Service, We Make it Better

"TigerLRM has really brought out my sales team’s claws! Its AI-driven tools handle the tedious tasks that help keep the entire team focused on securing sales.”

William Dawsey
Vice President of Sales
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William Dawsey

"I have been in the real estate industry for over 23 years and TigerLRM is by far the most useful tool I have found for effectively closing deals."

Jay Adams
Senior Managing Director
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Jay Adams

"Since implementing TigerLRM, we have seen a huge transformation in our sales enablement practices. It gives our sales reps all the tools and knowledge they need to succeed!"

Michael Dunbar
Director of Sales Enablement
Michael Dunbar
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"TigerLRM is a game-changing platform when it comes to managing leads in the real estate industry. The premium add-ons are the perfect tools for our team!"

Shaili Bansal
Director of Operations
Shaili Bansal
Bansi Properties

"Tiger LRM is a complete database, Lead tracking, Opportunity, Sales CRM that offers everything I need to run my business exactly the way I want."

Mark Richardson
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Mark Richardson


Use TigerLRM, the CRM with Sales Enablement built-in, to improve sales performance and close more deals. Our CRM with Sales Enablement Built-In helps improve your company’s efficiency, revenue, and productivity.

Sales enablement allows teams from different departments the ability to function as one. TigerLRM’s software helps small and medium businesses engage and train their teams. It also assists with onboarding, managing playbooks, and automating lead generation using AI that analyzes data.

  • Sales Playbook

    TigerLRM has a personalized Playbook that acts like a "bulletin board." It helps businesses plan and define the steps a salesperson needs to succeed.

  • Learning Management System

    Increase platform adoption with a video enriched LMS. Salespeople can enhance their training while on the move by watching video courses and completing practical exercises, tests, and other training activities. These activities help improve their ability to work efficiently.

  • Sales Asset Management

    Easily access all sales content, like decks, flyers, and videos, in one place. The centralized sales database boosts sales productivity and maintains consistent messaging and branding. Easily update collateral that is available for all teams.

Overcome Challenges Impacting Win Ratios

Problems we solve with TigerLRM’s Sales Enablement Tool.

Has disorganization and limited bandwidth impacted your small to medium size sales teams’ ability to close deals?

When your team lacks clear sales processes, adjusting to changing markets and staying true to your core sales strategy becomes difficult. If your sales team doesn't have the right tools and information, it will lead to High Turnover Rates. The need for structured sales training is evident. Small to medium size businesses need to use sales enablement to compete with large-scale companies.

Low CRM Adoption is causing “garbage in, garbage out,” impacting the data your organization has in its CRM. Reps must run reports and bring prospects through the funnel successfully with accurate data. With Minimum Compliance to your tried and true selling tactics, sales and internal processes that you assume are happening are falling by the wayside.

Use Sales Enablement to Increase Closes Per Rep

TigerLRM’s next-gen platform is just the first step towards increasing close rates. Our premium Sales Enablement Services amplify our platform’s tools and become integral to your internal processes to enable your sales team.

Training New & Current Reps

The Enablement Team uses TigerLRM's advanced Learning Management System. They help with new hire orientation and sales training. This takes the pressure off sales leadership and business owners. Our Sales Enablement Specialists make sure your sales team follows and completes training modules. This helps them get up to speed and close deals faster.

Compliance with Playbook Policies

Our Enablement Specialists work with small to medium size businesses to maximize the effectiveness of TigerLRM’s Sales Playbook. We help leaders embody and flesh out their top salespeople’s habits and best practices to establish proven play-by-play processes. Once these processes have been established, our Enablement Team can then train your sales reps and, if needed, ensure compliance with all playbook practices moving forward.

Lead Concierge Services

Maximize your sales team’s time by eliminating the need for reps to source the contact details of cold and warm prospects. Our Enablement Team will find this crucial information – including names, titles, email addresses, and phone numbers – and populate it into TigerLRM. This can save several hours a week for your sales team, allowing them to focus on what they do best; closing deals.

Tool Usage Monitoring

A tool is only as good as the team that uses it. Our enablement software experts ensure that your sales team is fully aware of all the features and benefits of TigerLRM and that they are using them appropriately. We confirm that your sales team is using critical functions to their fullest, including activity logging, communication modules, reporting, pipeline management tools, and more, to multiply their sales output.

No Lead Left Behind

Leads cost money, and no lead should be left behind. TigerLRM offers small to medium size businesses a complete capture-to-close lead lifecycle management for your business, including administration, assignment, and monitoring of leads. The Enablement Team works on leads and contacts from different channels, like phone calls, web forms, and emails.

Sales Funnel Monitoring

Our Sales Enablement Team will consistently study your sales funnel and create a highly detailed report analyzing your complete sales journey from lead capture to close and every step in between. The deep analysis will provide the insights and data you’ll need to identify liabilities and gaps that may be causing you to lose sales.

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Tiger LRM is a Sales Enablement Platform and a CRM functioning together!

TigerLRM’s FREE CRM platform includes all the tools you need to cut down on sales guesswork and presumptions. Designed to increase adoption and instill best practices throughout the sales cycle, TigerLRM’s sales enablement platform and CRM keep the sales teams focused on driving closes.

    No Lead Left Behind
  • On-the-Go Mobile App
  • Web Lead Capture
  • Task and Activity Tracking
    Multiply Sales Output
  • Sequential Email Follow-Up
  • Multi-Channel Inbox
  • One-Click SMS & Calling
    Improve Closing Rates
  • Pipeline Management
  • Mass Email & Email Plugins
  • Reporting & Analytics
    Increase Sales Success
  • Sales Playbook
  • Learning Management
  • Sales Asset Management

Less Guess, More Closes

TigerLRM comes fully equipped with built-in features and tools that cut down on sales guesswork and presumptions. Designed to increase adoption and instill best practices throughout the sales cycle, TigerLRM keeps the sales team focused on driving closes.

Dashboard showing how to create your Playbook with TigerLRM’s Sales Enablement Tool.
Dashboard showing how to create your Playbook with TigerLRM’s Sales Enablement Tool.

AI-Driven CRM

TigerLRM has easy tools that use AI to automate sales processes and help salespeople communicate with leads.

  • Sequential Email Follow-Up

    Create pre-populated emails to avoid manually typing out repetitive messages and effectively manage your lead scheduling efforts from a singular schedulin interface that automatically shuts off when traction is garnered.

  • Reporting and Analytics

    With this tool, you can create a dynamic sales culture. It automates leaderboards and sales pipelines, boosting productivity and enabling sales teams to focus on closing deals.

  • Search and Filter

    Easily search and filter your data with an AI engine structured to show you the most recently touched account, opportunity, lead, etc. This helps the sales team use lead scoring to focus on prospects more likely to close.

Unified Multi-Channel Inbox

The TigerLRM platform incorporates a next-generation unified communication tool that enables sales teams to engage prospects through their preferred channels more efficiently without leaving the TigerLRM interface.

Dashboard showing email template feature from TigerLRM’s Sales Enablement Tool.
  • Integrated Telephony

    One click-to-call over VoIP and physical handsets reduces errors and saves time.

  • SMS Messaging

    Send and receive personalized text messages in real time.

  • Email Syncing

    Easily send, receive, and sync email conversations.

  • Social Media Messaging

    Build relationships by sending messages through social channels.

Dashboard showing contact list feature from TigerLRM’s Sales Enablement Tool.

Multi-Stage Opportunity Management

TigerLRM helps sales teams manage their entire sales pipeline, from capturing leads to closing deals. It provides comprehensive tools that assist sales teams in closing more business.

  • Contact Management

    Track every aspect of lead interactions, from call recordings to LinkedIn messages.

  • Task and Activity Tracking

    Plan, track, organize, and set reminders for all customer communications and interactions.

  • Centralized Calendars

    Gain full visibility across your entire sales team in real time while easily scheduling and viewing events.

Simplified Lead Capture

TigerLRM has marketing widgets that sales teams can add to your website easily. These widgets allow leads to go from the website to TigerLRM, preventing lead loss.

Dashboard showing settings feature from TigerLRM’s Sales Enablement Tool.
  • Inquiry Forms

    TigerLRM’s web forms make it easy for sales teams to follow up on client inquiries. The forms automate and simplify the capture of lead data. They also quickly answer client questions with more detail. This helps to continue the conversation.

  • TigerChat

    TigerChat is a chatbot and live conversation tool. It helps sales agents talk to customers and improve customer service. It also helps convert more traffic in real time.

  • Exit Intent

    Use TigerLRM’s exit-intent tools to bring back visitors who left, by tracking and monitoring their movements. Sales agents can then send targeted messages to keep visitors engaged.